Why rip off adult XXX date platforms continue to proliferate


calisto You might think that an adult XXX date website is very easy to spot. You might be led to believe that a lot of these websites are very easy to figure out. You might even subscribe to the idea that you can easily tell a scam or rip off website from a legitimate site. Well, you might want to think twice. When you visit an adult XXX date website, the typical site may look it was a cookie-cutter site. It seems that somebody just copied and pasted code from a general template and added little bit of details and bells and whistles here and there to create a distinctive look and feel.


You might think that they are all somewhat unique in their own way, but there is enough similarity. This is where things get confusing because rip off adult XXX date websites are very subtle. The ones that survive have to be subtle. Do you see where I’m going with this? You see, all the obvious rip offs are going to be punished by the market. The word is going to get around that they are scam or fraudulent websites and nobody would want to waste their time, effort and definitely money at those sites. I mean that’s not rocket science. That is obvious. Those websites are as fake as a three-dollar bill.


With that said, rip off adult XXX date websites are still all over the place. Why? They rip you off in subtle ways. They’re winners of the evolutionary arms race between guys who don’t want to get ripped off and the entrepreneurs trying to make money off their websites. Pay attention to ads. Pay attention to suggestions made by the site. Pay attention to the different profiles there. You might actually be in the process of being manipulated and are completely clueless about it.

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